We do not have delivery vehicles so that all orders in our store are removed with the means of our customers or we ship Shipping Agencies and / or Grupajes.

Orders are shipped via transportation agencies with which we have signed agreements which are currently SEUR, ENVIALIA and TRANSAHER, the customer can freely choose agency or send freight collect a different agency. The order will be sent as soon as this confirmed by us, has already been cast through the website, e-mail or by phone, and not before never in any case. The output of orders from Monday to Thursday, both days inclusive, and as a rule must be delivered within 24 hours from the start of our store and being under the sole responsibility of the Transportation Agency elected its delivery in perfect conditions and within the stipulated period. Transportation costs and packaging will always part of the price of the flower and broken down as such in the bill. Payment is made on delivery as a general rule except for having established a different with us. If large volumes are to manage the shipment paletizarlo to travel the flower best and the cost is less. We have the option to send flower water.

It is of utmost importance and enforceable by the customer to review the order and under what conditions arrive packaging to make further claims if implicable break to transport, must leave written on the delivery note of the agency's irregularities. If this is not true is IMPOSSIBLE claim or pay any of the goods which arrived in poor condition with the consequent loss by the customer.

Claims and / or product returns must be managed within a maximum period of 24 hours from receipt of the flower because it is perishable and always accompanying photo and the return of all affected stems in any case. They are not paid or reset more stalks returned.